Mellerud Product Review

So very recently we were asked if we wouldn’t mind taking a look at some new cleaning products due to hit the market by Mellerud. I mean who would say no to trying something new out and telling everyone about it? One snag, our Caravan was clean and as two of these products were exterior cleaning agents it meant we had to be creative…

Mellerud Products

Now one thing all kids enjoy doing is getting filthy, I bet you can remember a time as a child when you went out and got covered head to foot in mud?! (Please tell us your best stories in the comments below). Well this sparked an idea of how we could try our best to try and stage a caked in mud Caravan (albeit without getting covered head to toe!). We started off with a muddy water rinse, then asked the kids to do their best to smear mud on the side. They loved this and took pleasure in not hearing me when I said “not that far” and carrying on to do much more fictional muddying that I had intended.


A pause in the dirtying for 10 or so minutes to try and let the mud dry was enough time to stick the kettle on but most importantly gave my neighbour time to finish cutting his lawn. He must have thought I was going mad seeing the girls in their wellies and rain coats smearing mud along our once semi clean Caravan. With grass now groomed, the car interior was for a valet – I swear I saw him doing this last weekend and was purely elongating his outdoor time to see what other hair brain idea I might have….

Still, with ten or so minutes passed and Yorkshires finest now consumed it was time to apply the concentrated cleaner and get it to work its magic. Applying cleaning solution using a pump action spray is most definitely the best way to fully coat an area for a minimum amount of effort, starting at the bottom and moving to the top allows for even coverage. Now leave for another 10 minutes as per the instructions.

With a quick check on the kids to make sure the world was not about to end it was time to get the brush out. I’ve always been an advocate of having the right tools for the job, using a sponge to clean a Caravan or Motorhome makes for a long afternoon – which is fine if that’s what gets your rocks off but for me, a wide, soft brush, extendable at that is my weapon of choice. It made an easy job of it as I’m sure you were expecting. It was not the truest or most research oriented test conditions – only time will tell after testing from some proper caking that comes from a few hundred miles of towing in delightful autumnal weather. However, the water beading when rinsing was impressive. Old product still protecting or awesome cleaning and protection from Mellerud? Let’s see in a few months time.

On to the black streak remover. It’s always amazes me how you can scrupulously clean your pride and joy, use wax or polish and yet still a few weeks later have black streaks emerge.

Despite us washing the ‘van after we returned from a trip away at August Bank Holiday there was some evident of streaking. Something which was easily washed away with our concentrated cleaner. Time to find another challenge, this came in the form of the plastics outlets from the fridge and oven which despite our best efforts of cleaning before had some ingrained dirt on them. Mellerud Black Streak Remover is applied neat and we opted to do this through from a small hand held bottle. The instructions advise to work in a small area, apply to the surface and leave for a couple of minutes before cleaning. I couldn’t believe how easy this cleaned our plastics, with very little effort and only using a sponge it did a great job! We were really pleased with how things turned out.

Clean Plastics

If you want to see how a video of how we tested these products please visit our YouTube Video.

We will be reviewing a couple of other Mellerud products soon so look out for those. For now, we’d like to say a huge thanks to Mellerud for giving us the opportunity to look at these products! I can’t wait to see how the perform over time.


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