One year on and the ‘vans not gone!!

So, Andy has been asking me to write a blog for the past year. As a working mum of three, four if you include Andy πŸ˜‚, life is very busy. I would however much rather write a blog than see my self on a vlog! I can’t believe it has been almost a year since we purchased our beloved Elddis. When buying the caravan last year we had originally intended to put the caravan in storage for the winter months and use it during the spring and summer. For those of you who have seen our vlogs you will know that this hasn’t been the case. Possibly due to the fact that the caravan was sat on our drive, reminding us of the fun we could be having instead of staying home doing household chores and homework! It’s funny how you can be three miles down the road in your caravan and feel like your a million miles away.

Winter caravanning has its benefits, in that the sites are quieter, you spend time outdoors where you may be more inclined to stay indoors if you were at home. Also, there is something very cosy about being warm inside the caravan with your hot chocolate and marshmallows when it’s freezing outside. For those of you who have children above the age of four you’ll also appreciate the opportunity to lure them away from their electronic devices and have an actual conversation that involves more than just grunting! I’m actually struggling to think of any draw backs, possibly the lack of other children for our ten year old to befriend and the fact that when you’re not out walking, you are confined to the space inside the caravan ( which is ok if you like each other , and your pre-pubescent child isn’t stating, ‘uh, worst day ever!’ Of course our son never says this 😏), unlike during the warmer months when you are able to spread out into the awning.

To date…..

We have had 12 trips away in our caravan. We have climbed hills, splashed in puddles, squelched in mud, made sandcastles on the beach, kayaked down rivers, caught tiddlers in our fishing nets, cycled numerous paths, paddled in the sea, made new friends and perhaps most importantly, strengthened our bond as a family whilst making memories that will hopefully last a life time.

So what have we learnt……

-Don’t put the hot water switch on before bleeding the system of air as you will get no hot water.

-That having a mains water adapter allows for a more relaxing holiday (one less job!)

-How to load the caravan effectively to permit a pleasant towing experience.

-That condensation on the caravan ceiling is perfectly normal during the colder months.

That’s Andy’s technical bit mine is more practical:

-Don’t put your largest child on the top bunk, they’ll keep you awake bashing the top of the caravan every time they turn over.

-I need a cutlery draw, something I don’t have in our Elddis Explore 556.

-More work top space, just a sink cover would make a world of difference.

-I’d like a u-shaped lounge, the little bit of seat than cannot be used, other than for propping cushions on seems like a waste of space (unless of course you use the seating area as two single beds, which we don’t. Still early in the marriage, I like to cuddle up to my husband πŸ˜‰)

-We need a good memory foam topper, two weeks in France really highlighted this.

-A separate shower and toilet would be good in the winter so that your hair doesn’t freeze when running back from the shower block to the caravan.

Best purchase…..

For me this has to be the Cadac. This has reduced my cooking time almost by half as my husband thinks he is the ”Afrikaans King of Braai’ πŸ˜‚ He loves a BBQ whatever the weather.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. TTFN πŸ‘‹πŸ»


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