Why buy a Caravan?


Welcome to our first blog….. I’ve never written one of these before and well English Lit was never a strong subject of mine but here goes.

Owning a Caravan was not something either Kate or I had in the plan for 2016… In fact, the last time we discussed such things would have been back in 2010 having returned home from a camping holiday in France. At the time we didn’t feel we could justify the cost and had other expenses pending. However, since then, things have moved on, our family has grown and buying a caravan seemed like the right thing to do.

During the summer we took a 10 day holiday camping in France, we had a great time and enjoyed the campsite so much we booked to stay there again in 2017. Being a family of 5, our problem with camping was always going to be space. How were we to get a large family tent, clothes, cooking equipment, toys, bikes etc into a car (albeit a large family estate) and roof box. We managed by literally closing the boot and loading from within! There was literally no room to move let alone space to bring any wine home, unless of course we’d left one of the kids behind!!

So we had a decision to make, buy a small trailer or a really big one! Well you gathered what we did. But why, what was it that made us part with the cash that we did. The convenience of being able to go away for the weekend whenever we want. More space, comfort, your own toilet. But you get all that when you book a hotel don’t you? Yes, of course you do but it’s not the same. We love camping, the atmosphere of a campsite and being outdoors and want to share those things with our kids. They grow up so fast, it’s such a cliché I know but we want an excuse to go away, spend time with them and make  memories that will last a lifetime.

Considerations for buying a used Caravan and all that comes with owning one will come in another Blog so look out for that. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment!



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